Stewardship is...

  • a journey of acknowledging God as Creator and Owner of all.

  • responsible management of our God-given resources of time, talent, and treasure.

  • a way to enhance our relationships with God and one another.

  • living out a commitment to be Christ-centered rather than self-centered and involves a conversion of the heart.

  • not just a program, a fundraising scheme, or about money and donations.

Time and Talent drive is...

St. Joseph thrives on its dedicated volunteers. Your help is needed, and there is something for everyone. Everything from office volunteers, to religious education leaders, the mission group, to the parish festival committee requires the time and talent of our parishioners. Please complete your Time and Talent form today! Each year, the Time and Talent Drive allows you to renew your commitment to our parish.

Stewardship Drive is...

THANK YOU to those who have already returned their 2010 St. Joseph Parish Financial Commitment form. We are full of gifts, and because we are grateful, we return a portion of our Time, Talent and Treasure to God. Your pledge of prayer and fiscal support is a conscious act of faith and a response to God’s presence in your life.

For those parishioners who are still in the process of prayerfully deciding their Stewardship gift, your Financial Commitment  Card can be returned by mail or dropped in the offering basket at church. Our 2011 Stewardship Drive is coming soon!

Thank you for your continued commitment to St. Joseph Parish!